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There are reasons behind everyone asking about distance education and online learning. In these difficult financial times, there are a massive increase the actual number of learners curious about more about online learning & distance learning. Not necessarily is learning online usually more affordable, it is also more convenient for these distance education learners. But one of the good reasons for online learning is that it is not only used in distance education programs – it is also employed for campus-based programs. There instantly differences between online learning and distance education.

Distance education has been a method of learning for individuals wanting to study at home for growing your garden . hundred years, starting with correspondence learning (home study) via postal mail. A problem greater use of computers and the Internet, now possible to offer learning online programs using only the internet modality. In fact, distance education programs in the US and Canada use online learning so much, that for many people learning online is thought to be only about online comprehending. But in reality, not all distance education programs are offered totally online.